Welcome to Crown 70 Introduction to Broadcast Media: Radio

This class meets in Merrill 002 Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5:45pm during the UCSC Spring Quarter of 2016.


Purpose of this class

This class gives students an academic and practical overview of both commercial and non-commercial radio (digital and analog), music presentation, interviewing skills and Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regulations. Students will learn about KZSC’s relationship to UCSC, our broadcast community, and station policies. They will be given hands-on learning experiences with audio production, on-air communication styles, interviewing techniques and everything else one would need to begin broadcasting on one of the best college radio stations in the United States. Passing the class is a requirement prior to hosting a program on KZSC.


Radio at UCSC started nearly forty years ago in 1967 with the broadcasts of KRUZ from the basement of Stevenson Dorm 2 that could be heard as far away as Dorm 7. The programs were mostly music. In 1974, KRUZ became KZSC, a FM station broadcasting at 10 watts. On June 14, 1980, KZSC moved into the new campus location where it currently resides.  In the summer of 2007 Summer, KZSC upgraded its signal to 20,000 watts,