What Songs Are DJ AWKCUARD Listening To Tonight?

DJ AWKCUARD on Simply Simpin’

Over the past couple of weeks I was able to choose songs from different genres for the KZSC radio/broadcasting class -- this official project is called Songs I'm Listening To Now (SILTN).


A constant favorite of mine: Dear To Me by Electric Guest. Electric Guest just came out with a new album this year after a four year process of writing and producing. I've been following this group since high school, so this song really pays tribute to all of the memories I've made since then.

Some new artists I've found this past year include Charley Bliss and Oh Honey. I've actually seen Charley Bliss live at a Darwin Deez concert and immediately fell in love with Eva Hendrick's (lead singer) vocals. I don't think I'll ever have the ability to scream like she does, but I can certainly relate to their sound. Every once in a while I'll get into listening to punk and folk music. It was a great refresher to change my musical palate and also include female-identified artists that are currently on the scene. Black Hole by Charley Bliss focuses on the embarrassment of wanting to be in a relationship, while Lonely Neighbor by Oh Honey is a back and forth between to people who want to be together but don't know if the other person feels the same way (spoiler alert: the feeling is mutual).

I decided to also throw in a song that brings back nostalgia of car rides with my mom. Halik by Aegis is about not wanting to lose someone romantically and missing their kiss. Shake by Yeek brings about an opposite vibe. Yeek is trying to shake off the pain of someone breaking their heart. Both these Pilipinx artists are dealing with the pain of losing someone. The polar opposite reactions from Halik and Shake remind me that everyone has different ways of coping and recovering from a loss.

One sided relationships can be tough and tiring. Questioning the relationship, H.E.R. sings about how busy they've been pursuing their ambitions but they're putting in their fare share of trying to make the relationship work out. I always play this song on repeat when I'm figuring out the balance in some of the relationships I have with folx. It takes effort from all parties to make a relationship. Losing by H.E.R. definitely expresses the thought process of letting go of someone.

Lastly, I chose Belong to the World by ODDISEE. ODDISEE touches up on what it means to belong to yourself. ODDISEE discusses how they've never felt quite comfortable with themselves, so ODDISEE tried to find a place in the world to fit in and check off all of the appropriate boxes. Over time, Belong To The World unravels the truth about how important it is to belong to yourself and not get wrapped up in comparing or attaching yourself to others. At the end of the day ODDISEE has been their own number one support system all along, and it turns out that they have people still supporting what they do too. Belong to yourself and the world, because you're here contributing to it while also pursuing your passions.

I love reading into lyrics and trying to decipher what songs mean to the artist, myself, and others. This process was an awesome way for me to share a journey. It's important to remember those who you love and those who continue to support you no matter what. Let's not forget the feeling of being in love to getting through the pains after someone breaks your heart. Often times there is also a period of insecurity, of questioning whether or not you've been putting enough effort into a relationship but also finding a balance between your aspirations. At the end of the day, ODDISEE puts it best by reminding listeners to be confident and aware of themselves. Don't latch on to people, because no one person can support your needs. Love yourself (and the world), because we're all here helping each other grow.

I hope this playlist has helped you simp in a healthy manner. Thank you for tuning into Simply Simpin on KZSC Santa Cruz.

-DJ AWKCUARD aka Kimberly