DJ Lovelace does Pop!

Gina Maria Ranieri, aka DJ Lovelace, is the Head Honchess at KZSC's Pop Palace - a set of upbeat, inter-genre tracks with a certain “je ne sais quoi ”.

Gina began her love of music in high school and segued into her career as a DJ upon arriving in Santa Cruz. She loves the sense of community here, and general atmosphere of radio – and that it is still considered a viable career. Gina was first interested in alternate R&B, and electronic indie music, primarily spinning these types of music for her first two quarters as a DJ. Following this, she decided to switch it up, deciding that her selections were low-energy - according to Gina, “Stylistically and lyrically, modern Pop tends to be more Hip-Hop oriented...when you take alternate Hip-Hop and R&B, and make it bouncy, you get Pop!”

As Pop is not officially a genre recognized by the station, Gina has her work cut out for her – every week, she puts together songs which, despite being a composite playlist of several genres, flow together to form an energy and style only fully appreciated by pop fans. Catch DJ Lovelace, providing that pure Pop energy on Pop Palace, Thursdays 1-2pm here at KZSC, 88.1FM!

A Composition of Five Genres

The songs chosen for this compilation are from the genres of jazz, hiphop, punk, electronic, and rock.

Of course, I had to begin with Jazz.

Genres like hip hop and electronic have a lot of jazz inspired music. Therefore, I found it fitting. But not just standard Jazz or smooth Jazz. FUNK JAZZ! Herbie Hancock is one of my favorite artists. The song “Trust Me” compliments Herbie’s self awareness and challenges the common idea of jazz. This is no surprise coming from an artist that has always challenged what it means to play and create music.

It was only natural to transition from Jazz to Hip Hop. I chose to play “Gas Drawls” by MF Doom because i felt like it was a different embodiment of hip hop. MF Doom’s music is complex and lyrically heavy. I remember hearing an interview years ago about how MF Doom would pick up the dictionary and read it. His vocabulary really reflects in his music.

The playlist transitions into a mellow mood. Built to Spill is a band that is featured in many movies and T.V. shows and have a very interesting genre categorization. They are in between indie rock, alternative, and indie punk. I thought it would be interesting to include punk genre that is softer than most. “Car” is a song that brings you back to high school, a time and place in your life where everything was a first.

I chose to play “to binge” by the Gorillaz after “Car” because I felt that it carried on the mellow mood. Moreover, The Gorillaz are also an interesting take on electronic music. I have heard this song been called electronic melancholiac take on Hawaiian music. Whenever I play this song, I think of rain on winter days. It is very special to me.

Lastly, I had to throw in “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” by Paul McCartney. This rock song is crazy beautiful! There are so many different moods and characteristics that are provoked in the different changes in sound throughout the song. I am in love with this song and I would have to say it is one of my favorite Paul McCartney creations.


Thank you for listening to my playlist! I hope you like it 🙂

Our Doors Are Open with DJ Kaviar

Kavya Aswadhati says she doesn’t like closing doors. As the Jazz & Blues director, the Talk and News director, and a dj on two KZSC programs, it’s clear her doors are staying open. Kavya is a second year at KZSC. With a love for Blues as well as putting together a good story, Kavya found herself being mentored by two KZSC staff members early on. She encourages people who are curious about the station to try their hand at the news, as you can walk right into KZSC and get on the air with a short piece. She also mentioned that she would love to see any and all people of color “come through” to KZSC. Although Kavya’s major is Bioinformatics, she’s hoping she can keep her radio “door” open after school.In Fall 2017, you can catch DJ Kaviar on Melination (10pm-11 M) and Queen Beats (10pm-12 Tu)


Interview with The Shoobies

The Shoobies performing. From left to right, Alex, Evan, and Jacob.

After going to several of their concerts during the past half year, I finally got a chance to interview the band known as The Shoobies in order to learn a little more about their history and current aspirations. A local Santa Cruz band, The Shoobies have been writing and performing music since early 2017 and have played a slew of shows in and around the city of Santa Cruz, in houses, on the UCSC campus, and at The Crepe Place to name a few.

A self-described surf-rock band with punk influences, The Shoobies have released several tracks as part of an ongoing demo on their Soundcloud. They plan to record and release more songs in the time to come, but until then they have some shows lined up, including one at the local venue The Atrium, inside the Catalyst.

Below is the interview I recorded with the band, in which we discuss beginnings, musical influences, songwriting and production techniques, crazy band stories, and most importantly, what a Shoobie even is. Take a listen and be sure to checkout The Shoobies on their Soundcloud and other social media, Instagram @shoobiesband and Facebook.



DJ of the Week: DJ Kaviar

DJ Kaviar is a multifaceted KZSC member. Currently they are taking on the role of Jazz & Blues Director and interim Talk & News director. DJ Kaviar broadcasts live over the airwaves approximately three hours a week.

Like most folks, DJ Kaviar came to KZSC for the music but recommends that if one is new to KZSC and looking to get involved right away that they should get involved with the news.

“If you are brand new to KZSC and want to get involved right away you can get on the news because you can get on the air immediately as soon as you walk through the front door”

The Thursday Morning News is a 10 minute broadcast composed of news stories concerning residents of Santa Cruz, Watsonville, and San Benito county.

DJ Kaviar feel in love with the news and before they knew it they were doing stories every week.

“I hate closing doors, so I am just doing everything”

Other shows that DJ Kaviar is involved in:

Melination, this show is a talk and music show primarily focused on sharing voices from people of color, it airs from 10pm-11pm Monday nights (Fall 2017)

Queen Beats, is a shared project with Jinx it airs Tuesday nights 10pm-12am (Fall 2017) Highlighted on this show is women in hip-hop.

check out the KZSC Schedule to know when to tune in and check out what has been played


The Wizard of All Things Technical & Productions!

If you have ever rented equipment from KZSC, you must have encountered the productions
wizard Duncan Ober guarding the gates to all things technical at KZSC! As productions coordinator,
Duncan handles external equipment rentals and internal equipment management. You will also
catch Duncan training fellow KZSC friends on how to use the productions equipment and software
editing. Along with the role of an upbeat productions coordinator, Duncan is also apart of the
renowned Beatles collective show: “Here, There, and Everywhere” and is a DJ for a grunge program:
“Flannel and Fog”.
Before coming to KZSC to join “Here, There, and Everywhere”, Duncan was apart of a
Beatles show at Duncan’s old radio station KZFR in Chico. Therefore, it was a natural transition
from the community, educational radio of KZFR to community, educational radio of KZSC! Aside
from the Beatles show, Duncan’s grunge show is sure to bring back nostalgia with classic grunge
mixes, as well as, modern grunge tunes. On a segment of “Flannel and Fog”, Duncan spoke about the
show’s intention of merging the old and the new as a way to fill in the generational gap in music.
“Flannel and Fog” is a marvelous show and it is even more so because of the sentimental value it has
to Duncan.

“I got into music kind of late in life, and that was the first
genre that I could kind of claim as my own. As opposed
to something someone else had introduced me to”.

Parker and I had interviewed Duncan in order to draw out a personal narrative of KZSC,
with hopes that KZSC will be recognized for its radical form of communication, connectivity, and

[could not insert interview here because it was saved originally as a “wave” file]

Are you now Just Visiting KZSC?

Two weeks ago I had to opportunity to interview Zach Holbrook of KZSC Santa Cruz with my classmate Wes. The three of us sat down at Studio B in the station and had a lovely talk about Zach’s role at KZSC, his current show, and advice he gives to future staff members at KZSC.


Zach started at KZSC with a role of the Program Review Committee, an internal quality panel that makes sure all shows at KZSC are following FCC and genre guidelines. While in this role, Zach realized that he liked collaborating with other people and found through his tutoring position with UCSC that he enjoyed teaching newcomers. Since taking on the role of Volunteer Coordinator in May 2017, Zach has worked on KZSC outreach and reaching as many prospective staff members as possible. Another major part of his job, he said, is to make sure volunteers processing new music know the guidelines and hopefully give helpful reviews for music directors and DJs.


When not coordinating volunteers, Zach is known on the airwaves as “JUST VISITING”, a DJ name that came out of a joke from years ago. JUST VISITING currently programs from 8:30-10pm on Thursday nights with a show called “Santa Cruz Lab for Dance-Based Sciences” (a name he admittedly can’t always remember right away on the air). While on the air, JUST VISITING tries to find 80’s dance music that hopefully listeners have never heard before. Unfortunately for new DJ’s, JUST VISITING does not recommend this method of making a playlist— instead, you should plan out a playlist ahead of time and stick with it!


Before we left the studio for the day, Zach gave a great piece of advice for KZSC DJ’s: don’t try to stream artists from Studio B into the air room! It’s not fun. He admittedly learned this the hard way.

Just Visiting: The Mind Behind Santa Cruz Laboratory for Dance-Based Sciences

KZSC Station

Many folks around KZSC know Zach Holbrook as the station’s congenial and energetic volunteer coordinator who’s always around to steer newcomers in the right direction. But this is only one side of the talented radio extraordinaire. If you were to tune into 88.1 FM on a Thursday evening between 8:30 and 10 o’clock, you would stumble upon the Santa Cruz Laboratory for Dance-Based Sciences. What exactly is this intriguing division of UCSC, you may ask? Well, it is the time slot during which Zach Holbrook devotes himself to the discovery and deliverance of of the funkiest of tunes and melodies in the KZSC library. He conducts this research under the moniker Just Visiting, which he attributes to a Das Racist interview. Zach was gracious enough to carve some time out of his busy schedule working with volunteers to talk about the musical side of his station work.


As Zach mentions in his interview, the “science” involved with his radio show is a meticulous and formulaic approach to playing obscure yet groovable tunes by selecting certain records from the library that adhere to a standard he has set. While talking to us, Zach also reminisced on some of the past shows he has listened to and gave his advice to future DJs in terms of how to get more comfortable with different genres of music. Through his experience with both the technical and musical sides of KZSC, Zach has become an extremely talented and well-rounded DJ and member of the station with plenty of knowledge to share and music to broadcast.

Duncan Ober: The True Showrunner of KZSC

Han and I caught up with KZSC’s current production coordinator, Duncan Ober, to talk about his experience volunteering at the station.

Duncan is a veteran volunteer at KZSC and has earned himself two programming slots. Duncan first started as a co-host on “Here, There & Everywhere”, a Beatles themed show that airs every Thursday morning at 6-9 AM. It is a fan-favorite among the locals of Santa Cruz County. He is now the official program coordinator of HTE, which is fitting given Duncan was the host of another Beatles-centric show at a different station, prior to KZSC. Duncan is happy to be involved with KZSC because it gave him an “opportunity to play [his] own music and share what [he] loves about it”. He does this solo on his other show, “Flannel & Fog”, a 90’s grunge and punk program which airs Friday evenings, 4-5 PM. For that one hour, Duncan dons the DJ moniker of “Crunkin’ Cronuts” and (I presume) head-bangs viscerally along with his listener base. One of the most gratifying aspects about volunteering with KZSC, Duncan explains, has been the interactions he’s witnessed between UCSC students and Santa Cruz community members. Despite stigmas going both ways, Duncan is relieved and encouraged by the environment of cooperation and positivity fostered by the station. DJ Cronuts also found redeeming the array of technical training and career preparation KZSC has provided him and many other volunteers. Journalism, Engineering, Business, and Entertainment are just a few of the field-specific areas of he mentions that are critical to the station’s daily operations. KZSC has affirmed Duncan’s passion for radio. He plans to remain involved with broadcasting in some capacity, no matter what the future holds.

KZSC Giving Day