Course Description

UCSC's KZSC & Crown 70 - Intro to Radio 

Crown 70 teaches how to be a Radio DJ and/or Talk Show Host for UCSCS's KZSC. You must pass this class to be a staff member and have a show on KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz. 

KZSC Mission Statement

KZSC is a non-commercial, educational community radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to the Regents of the University of California. The station's responsibilities are to both the license grantor (FCC and the American public) and license holder (The University of California).

The station's primary responsibility to the UC Regents is to serve as a broadcast learning experience for UC Santa Cruz students wishing to gain a greater understanding of media or pursue a professional career in the broadcast industry or related fields. The station is also obligated by the FCC and the American public to operate as a public service to Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey and Santa Clara County audiences, offering programming in the public interest. With the exception of FCC and University rules, KZSC shall not allow any censorship ("prior restraint") in program content by any agency outside of the station. KZSC is dedicated to airing alternative music and viewpoints that often differ from broadcasts found on commercial radio stations. Our creative and educational endeavors will be guided by honesty, balance and sensitivity. KZSC is committed to soliciting and providing access in a non-discriminatory, progressive fashion to those traditionally underrepresented in the media. This includes, but is not limited to, women, cultural, ethnic and racial minorities, people of various sexual orientations, seniors and the disabled.

KZSC staff shall at all times strive for completeness in news coverage. The station shall strive conscientiously for unbiased and fair reporting on all events and topics.

Course Requirements: 

To apply for Crown 70 - Intro to Radio you have volunteer 20 hours the prior quarter.

Course Overview

Introduction to Radio gives students an academic overview of both commercial and noncommercial radio, music presentation, interviewing skills and Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regulations.  Passing the class is also a requirement prior to hosting a program on KZSC, so you will also learn more about KZSC’s relationship to UCSC and our broadcast community, station policy and be given hands-on learning experiences with audio production, on-air communication styles and everything else that you will need to begin broadcasting on one of the best college radio stations in the United States.

Academic Integrity: Please consult the UCSC Policy on Academic Integrity. Crown 70 will fully adhere to the UCSC policy and any instances of cheating or plagiarism will result in failure of the class and/or the university. Moreover, students must be respectful of the classroom environment by coming to class on time, remaining quiet during lecture and not leaving class until the end of lecture at 5:45. Disruptions will be noted and dealt with on an individual basis. Last day to withdraw May 6, 2016.

Mentorship: One of your class requirements is to complete a mentorship with a current KZSC DJ. You will go to your mentor's show once a week for at least six weeks to learn the practical application of the DJ basics you learn in class. Your mentorship will prepare you to have your own show, so you must complete the assigned hours during your mentor’s program in order to pass the course.

Production Workshop: You are required to attend a production studio workshop, held during class time. We will go over the basics of the KZSC production studio and prepare you for your production assignments.

Staff Meetings: As future staff members of KZSC, it is important that you observe some of the behind-the-scenes operations of the station. You’re encouraged to attend at least one Governing Board meeting and/or a KZSC Staff meeting.  The hours that you spend at these meetings count toward your 20-hour volunteer requirement.  All meeting times will be announced in class and you will be regularly reminded of upcoming meetings.

Media-Law & FCC Seminar: This course features a Media Law & FCC Seminar with the Broadcast Advisor Keith Rozendal as a guest speaker. This seminar is a necessary to your success as a potential KZSC staff member.

Volunteering: Students need to volunteer for 20 hours prior to being in this class; you must also volunteer a minimum of 20 hours this quarter as a class requirement.  Included in those hours, you are required to volunteer for at least two hours in four different departments.  At least two of those departments must be non-music departments (for example, PSAs, Fundraising or Library). If you are processing new music releases, different genres count as different departments. Ten hours are due the fifth (5th) week of class.

Accommodations: If you qualify for classroom accommodations because of a disability, please get an Accommodation Authorization from the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and submit it to the Class Instructor in person outside of class within the first two weeks of the quarter. Contact the DRC at 459-2089 (voice), 459-4806 (TTY), or at for more information on the requirements and/or process.